the point?

sorry for lack of posts! other things have occupied my attention………………

tumblr and my new bullet journal, for example.

i’ve been meaning to write this post for a while: what is the point of what we’re doing? (another existential question, i guess?)

i started using tumblr again and i spend too many hours on it — i remember how i survived my miserable year in new jersey now. i spend hours tagging posts and making sure that there’s not too much content of a certain type concentrated in some span amount of time, that the tags are all correct, that my queue is always full. then i wonder, what is the point?

what is the point in spending such precious time in tagging pictures of korean idols that, realistically, won’t be there for me my whole life? the point in tagging all this bl in a series i currently love but eventually won’t love as much? in keeping a tumblr, showing the world my interests and what i scream about?

perhaps i’ll look at my old blogs one day, at an older age, and see it all as a way to fondly remember my younger days.




sorry i haven’t written for a while… work really got in the way after i came back from florida… zzz

this is something i was thinking about while my two friends and i lived on our own for a few days for our florida trip.

we were walking along the shore at night when we decided to climb up onto one of the lifeguard chairs. there, we finally had one of those ~movie scene~ episodes that i’ve always wanted to have, one where the friends all get together somewhere under the stars and talk about the future together, not knowing what’s in store for them. kinda poetic, i think.

among the things we talked about was our high school friend group, pp. (don’t ask.)

there’s 17 of us in pp, all girls and all from the same high school. one of us is just starting college this fall and some of us are turning 21 this fall. we have a facebook group and everything. some of us are more active in posting, going to the group gatherings, and doing other pp-related things than others. some of us are closer than others — there are some pretty obvious cliques within pp, but it’s not a bad thing. if anything, these cliques are really based more on interest/personality than anything.

the one thing that unites us all is that we’re all part of pp.

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life update!

haven’t been posting too much since hayday and packing for florida and work have been ruining my life…

but i’m headed to florida tomorrow for a few days with some friends! i’m super excited, despite the weather saying that it’s going to be raining 3/4 days that we’re there…


goodbyes kinda suck, kinda

i might have mentioned that currently, one of my high school friends is living with me! his parents moved to california right after his graduation so he’s staying with us. tomorrow (today??) is his last day, and he’s tried to make the most of his stay here before he joins his parents.

he’s been pretty moany and whiny and cringey recently about how his last, truly enjoyable summer is basically ending early, and it’s starting to get to me, too.

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dreaming of writing

i used to want to be a writer… sometimes i still do.

i wonder if the way i write (very lyrically, very longwinded and windy) would get in the way of things, however. on the few attempts i’ve made on actual writing pieces, i’ve found my pieces to sound all the same, no matter how hard i try. maybe i need more practice?

i reckon blog posts are one way to do that.

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